Lord of the dead

by URSA_STAR © 2020

The dark forest is called "dark" for a reason. Even at noon, twilight reigned in it. But these places are avoided for another reason. The legend of the "Dark Forest" tells of a wolf expelled from the valley. He was the weakest puppy in the family, and instead of playing with peers, he preferred playing with pebbles, feathers or bones. After all, they voluntarily danced in the air and folded into different figures. Over time, he was able to subordinate his will to dead prey, old skeletons and other dead. His strength grew as his status in the pack declined. Everyone was afraid of this incomprehensible skill. This was the first time in the valley. Considering the revitalization of corpses a dangerous and useless skill for the pack, the council decided to expel the young necromancer from the Valley. This is the story of the owner of the Dark Forest. But his reality is not so gloomy. At least for myself. Having reached the peak of his power, he conceived a terrible and ruthless revenge ...

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