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He was worshiped by ancient people. He was called the Guardian of the Sacred Grove, the Shadow in the Night, the Messenger of Destiny. The Church declared him a demon. Great-grandfathers frightened the black beasts of our grandfathers. Now only in the old tales can be found mention of knowing the whole fox. "... -The wind put a grain in his hand and whispered:" Sow this grain on your land, a hero, and a tree will grow from it. Take the fruit from it and grow a new tree from it. And so seven times. Only from the seventh tree carry the fruit far, far away, for seven rivers, for eight hills. Three times holy and three times damned forest. In him lives the Knower All. Bring him this fruit. How many seeds there are, so many questions you ask. Whatever you ask is all true. " Now very few people believe in fairy tales. However, there are those who have enough patience to repeat the ritual. They carry a sacrificial fruit to a mythical character in the hope of finding answers to the most important questions, in their opinion. Google translator

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