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by ItUKCu © 2019 - Dec, 01
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You can commission an art like that! Here's some info: - I'll start work after full payment - Paypal only (USD) - For very new character +100% of original price - Price stays the same for halfbody, headshot or fullbody for every digital commission - For traditional commissions customer can correct only the sketch. I allow 10 free corrections, then 1$ per correction. - Corrections can be composed with multiple items - If you used paid corrections, you'll get full work right after you pay it I DO draw: - Furry/Pony/Humanoid/Nudity I DO NOT draw: - NSFW - backgrounds - complex mecha Price list 5$ - sketch (10 free corrections, then 0.5$ per next one) 10$ - colored sketch (8 free corrections, then 1$ per next one) 20$ - line, simple color (5 free corrections, then 1.5$ per next one) 30$ - colored line, simple color with shades (2 free corrections, then 2$ per next one) 50$ - full color (1 free corrections, then 3$ per next one) Feel free to write! CRM link:

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