Radical Eddie

Radical Eddie "Eddie was once a gnoll that just got lucky and survived. But with each near death experience, she came back tougher and angrier than before. Now, she is a tightened mass of muscle and destruction who no longer knows what pain feels like. Witnessing Eddie in person is a sure sign that death is close to follow, and the land will soon be razed. She has come to be known as Radical Eddie, as she affects everyone and everything in the landscape like that of a natural diaster. Even the most powerful magics can't stop her... but then, what can? Radical Eddie is featured in "The Book of House" by Willy Abeel (bookofhouse.willy-world.com). This splatbook for D&D 5th edition will be available in the DM's Guild in late 2018". If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me via comments or e-mail ([email protected]) Colored portrait - 95$ Half-body - 195$ (+130$ for background) +140$ for additional character Full-body 295$ (+170$ for background) +190$ for additional character Complex Illustration - starts at 400$+, price is discussable and depends on the complexity Everything else - no set price, note me if you want to know ^^

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